Busy busy busy

Ok so I completely forgot I had a blog. Yeah, I’ll blame the brain damage. But luckily I’ve managed to take pictures of just about everything I’ve been dabbling in since my last post.

I have come to terms with the fact that I can’t do everything I wish I could. Physical limitations be what they will, I won’t let them stop me from getting in touch with my creative side. So let’s take a quick look at what I’ve done and we will take it from there.

Hollowed out books…


I upcycled an old alarm clock into a steampunk style trinket box



Hand painted stones….and this is really only a small sample lol. I got kind of carried away with these.


And then there are the gnome homes complete with koi pond and wishing well


So needless to say I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy. I’ve been going to the open air market and have actually sold out of most of my small stones, which really excited the hell out of me. I’ve also done some wire jewelry which you can kind of see in the upper part of this picture. (Yeah, there’s more stones lol)



So all in all i would say things have been going pretty good as far as my crafting. My next adventure is going to be in spray paint art. I’m infatuated and absolutely have to try it.

I guess at the end of the day, as long as I’m doing some kind of creative something, then I am successful. I don’t expect to get rich or make a lot of money fast, but that’s not even what I’m after. I just think that the crafting allows my mind to wander for a bit and that is a good thing.

Take care my peeps and we will meet again soon.




Lost time is a thing of my past

Being stuck at home the past couple of years has allowed me the chance to get to know myself and learn what my new limitations are. No, I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I was a couple years ago either.

I’ve realized that my OCD and ADD prevent me from tackling too many projects because I either get too involved and submerse myself or catch a breeze and move on to the next one, forgetting about the previous one.

After a bit of himming and hawing about how I am going to keep myself busy for so many days a week without allowing my projects take over my life, I’ve made a schedule of sorts. 

Mondays are going to be my paperwork day. No one likes Mondays, and no one likes paperwork so why not mash them together and just have one day of the week to be miserable. Lol  I have gotten into couponing and have decided that task would be put in with paperwork day since that’s the day I do the bills and money things anyway. Not to mention it is super time consuming to organize my weekly grocery trip, making sure I save as much as I can.

Tuesdays are reserved for completing last minute touches on current projects that are going to be for sale at the craft show. This will not only allow me the extra time to finish up small pieces of things, but also give myself a bit of a time out before the craft show.

Wednesday is craft show day. Halfway between here and my parents house sits Fort Pierce, FL. Wednesdays they have a craft show and seeing how my parents have a booth already, I’ll just piggyback them until I get on my feet so to speak. Here’s a link to their website. They make amazing things. I hope someday I can say I’m as accomplished in the craft world as they have become.

Thursdays are going to be my down day. Unfortunately due to my current physical status, this is a must have. It takes the wind out of my sails when I have a “productive” day, so I need to set aside a day to play catch up.

Fridays are fun days. This is going to be my main craft project day. No time limitations because I can’t put a cap on my creativity. Maybe it will be for an hour or two, or maybe it will take me into the wee hours of the morning. Either way, stuff is going to get done, and I’m going to make sure I have a great time doing so.

Saturdays are basically a continuation of Friday. Lol I can’t think of anything clever to say now. (Yeah, TBI problems)

Sundays are a day off. I’m not a robot, therefore need another day to relax and unwind.

So there it is. As I go, I’m sure this will change, but I find that a little bit of structure will go a long way.


That’s all for now folks. Time to hang with the dog and catch up on some overdue R&R.


Starting from scratch

I think it is a successful dinner when you can open your cupboard without a preconceived notion as to what to make for dinner and end up with a dish that stuns even the toughest of critics….namely your family.

I went into my first project with the same idea. I’ll use what I have and without spending any money I will turn my garage into a crafting work space.

I should probably say that until now my garage has been a terrible “hoarder type” zone. Off limits to visitors because of the embarrassment I felt of this eye sore. No, I’m not a hoarder. Bottom line; this was an unused storage space that completely lacked any kind of organization. So step one is pretty basic. Designate an area to transform into a craft zone. Somewhere I can go to get away from the others in the house so I am able to sit and focus on whatever project I decide to undertake without any distractions.

This is the area I decided I was claiming for myself.


I know, ewww and ugh. I took the time to make sure everything I moved was then relocated to an appropriate area. Not just thrown on the other side of the garage. So in about two hours and a couple cups of coffee later, this is what I ended up with.

The desk I had previously acquired for $5 at the thrift store. The bakers rack I had received as a gift and unfortunately, due to lack of space, was unable to utilize it in my kitchen. The chair is actually from my dining room set. We only use 3 chairs out there anyway so why not use that for in here? Right? Right.

The decorations on the bakers rack are a mish-mosh of things we have picked up over the years. No, I’m not a pastry chef anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love that Pillsbury Dough Boy in my space. Of course, being a Steelers fan, I had to incorporate some of my team items in there as well. For example, the stadium seat is from Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. Before they tore it down they took the seats out and I was given one signed by Jerome Bettis. The Steelers blocks were hand made by my mom, who is the one I owe my crafty tendencies to.

So there it is. That’s me getting up and running without wearing myself out, as that can happen so easily these days.

I hope you’ll walk with me through my new adventure and we will see where it leads. Hopefully it is to bigger brighter days filled with fun projects for me to share with you. 😊

Kitchen to Crafts


And so it begins….my new crafty career is about to take off.

Let me begin by telling you a bit about myself. I’m a once upon a time pastry chef until a simple slip and fall resulted in a traumatic brain injury. It has been a struggle since that day in 2011, but I am finally at the point where I am ready to begin slowly getting back into the swing of a “normal” life.

I decided that just because I can not return to a “normal” job due to my limitations, I would find something to allow my still functioning creativity to make myself some money.

Thus, crafts.

And why not? Not only are craft fairs a way to make money, but also get tips and ideas from the other vendors, get some unique items, and not to mention FUN. I love looking at things people have put their time into making.

So here begins my newest adventure. Come along with me and let me know if you see I’m doing something wrong or if you know an easier or more efficient way to do it. I’m always open to new suggestions. Creative criticism is always welcome.